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SEO, short for “Search Engine Optimization”, is a process of attempting to gain website traffic from leading search engines in the organic, or non-paid, listings. Several techniques are used to achieve results, and we’ve set these techniques up in three different packages to help you get results at a budget you’re comfortable with.

RooferBoost specializes in SEO for Roofing Contractors. We’ve had years of experience ranking roofers just like you in Google search. Wan’t to get ahead of the competition? Schedule a free consultation with us now and we can talk about your goals and options!

Why You Should Consider SEO for Your Roofing Business

Better Rankings in Organic Search for your roofing company, meaning higher visibility in Google, Bing and Yahoo search results comes with plenty of benefits. While no SEO agency can guarantee page 1 / position 1 ranking, we’ve done just that for many businesses just like yours.

Consider the last time you did an online search yourself… did you go very far beyond the first page? The answer is likely “no”, and the same goes for your potential customers looking for a roofer. Roofers found on page one of Google search get exponentially more calls than those on page 2 or beyond.

In fact, studies show that more than 60% of clicks go to the first five results. If you’re one page two of search, there’s only about a 4% chance you’ll get a click. Imagine the difference this could mean to your roofing company!

With improved position in search you’ll:

Get More Phone Calls and Leads

It stands to reason if you’re ranking well on page one and your business has a decent reputation, you absolutely will get more phone calls and leads from real people needing a roof.

Get More Traffic to Your Site

Not all visits lead to a sale right away, but there is definite value in traffic to your site. Ensuring there’s content of value on your site can improve the odds of closing a deal too.

Strengthen Your Brand for More Consumer Trust

Consumers don’t always decide right away after doing online research on roofing contractors, but if you’re seen everywhere they look, it definitely makes and impression and will factor in when they’re ready to buy.

Stand out more against the over 1 Billion Websites on the Internet

New websites are published every second of every day. You need to make sure you stand out with the position in search results you deserve as a leader in your field.

Get Long Lasting Results

Many digital marketing initiatives like Google AdWords or Facebook advertising are very effective, but as soon as you turn them off, so does your visibility. While SEO results take a bit longer to achieve, they’re generally much longer lasting as well.

SEO Just for Roofing Contractors

A question some of our roofing contractor clients ask is how roofing SEO is different from standard SEO services. The answer is that because we specialize in roofer SEO and have spent countless hours perfecting methods to rank websites for roofing companies, you’ll get the best possible results by working with us.

What “pushes the needle” in getting your roofing company’s website ranking comes down to how the site is structured and optimized, who your link partners are, what directories your site is listed in, what blog content works best, and more.

A specialist in roofing SEO like RooferBoost is going to have much deeper insight into these things than a general SEO service provider.

How Does Google Decide Which Roofer to Show on Page One or at the Top?

That’s the big question, and one many roofing contractors like yourself have struggled with over the years. Why is it that a local competitor known for mediocre work show above you? Why does a one-man band type operation always show up in search, while your 12 man team of skilled roofers is stuck on page 2?

It’s related to 200+ factors that Google looks at to figure out who goes where and helping you to navigate all that is our job.

Some of the Things That Come Into Play in Roofing SEO


How relevant is the content on your site to your business? Is it well written? Is it unique and helpful to the reader? The content you have on your site and how it’s structured and organized makes a big difference. We can help you whip your content into shape and generate new content to keep visitors coming back.

Site Speed

Does your website load slow? Google wants to see your site loading in 2 seconds or less! We can help you figure this out and get your site loading quickly across all devices.

Mobile Friendly

With over more than half of the web traffic for most sites originating from mobile devices, if your site doesn’t work well on a smart phone and provide a good user experience, you’re going to have a hard time ranking against sites that do.


With the simplest possible explanation, a backlink is a link from one site to another. Google will see a link from one source to another as a “vote” or signal that the destination is a credible source, and this can help your site rank better in search. It’s not quite as easy as that though… if you get links from sources that are low in quality, irrelevant to yours, or seem obviously placed with the express reason of boosting your positioning, you can end up getting penalized by the search engines. We help you build and find links from reputable sources to help push your site higher in search rankings.


No, not an OSHA citation for being unsafe on the job! A citation is a mention on a website where your business Name, Address, and Phone number (NAP) are found. When this information is consistent and correct across the multitude of citation sources out there, you’ve got a better shot at ranking in Google maps results. See here for a great list of top citations for roofers.

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