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Blogging For Roofing Websites: SEO Benefits

Blogging for roofing websites - does this really make sense? If so, what are the benefits from an SEO perspective and what do you need to get started? Let's find out the benefits of blogging! Why Is Blogging A Good Idea For Your Roofing Website? Blogging can help you...

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What is SSL and Why Does Your Roofing Website Need It?

What do reddit.com, google.com and huffingtonpost.com all have in common? They are secured with SSL. What is SSL? SSL is an abbreviation of "Secure Socket Layer". A Secure Socket Layer is a protocol that encrypts communication information in a network. This means...

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Choosing A Domain Name For Your Roofing Company Website

If you are about to start a new roofing company or want to promote your already established business online, setting up a professional website is one of the key elements in your digital marketing strategy. In most cases, this includes coming up with a fresh domain...

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PPC or SEO? Which Works Best for Your Roofing Company?

In your search for online marketing for your roofing business, you'll have heard these terms: SEO and PPC. What are they and which one works best? In our newest video, we explore this to show the pros and cons of each. If you'd rather read than watch the video, here's...

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Top Roofing Keywords

On this page we take a look at some of the top roofing keywords you should be competing for in your local market. Why does this matter? You can rank top of page one for "Earl's #1 Roofing Co" all you like, but no one will find you that doesn't already know you exist....

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Top Citations for Roofers

On this page we've collected a great list of citations for roofers and explain why they're important. Want to get your map listing ranking in Google Search? You need quality online citations for your roofing contractor firm. A "citation" is a listing on a "Yellow...

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