On this page we take a look at some of the top roofing keywords you should be competing for in your local market. Why does this matter? You can rank top of page one for “Earl’s #1 Roofing Co” all you like, but no one will find you that doesn’t already know you exist. Get business from the people who don’t have any allegiance or experience with any firm by being findable for the keywords that matter.

Most Commonly Searched Roofing Keywords for SEO

We did some research to find which keywords are the best possible targets for a local roofing company. Do your best to ensure your site and content is optimized for the keywords below.

Your City + Roofer
Your City + Roofing
Your City + Roofing Contractor
Your City + Roofing Service
Your City + Re Roof
Your City + Roof Repair
Your City + Roofers
Your City + Roofing contractors
Your City + Roofing Services
Your City + Commercial Roofer
Your City + Commercial Roofing Contractor

Roofer In Your City
Roofing In Your City
Roofing Contractor In Your City
Roofing Service In Your City
Re Roof In Your City
Roof Repair In Your City
Roofers In Your City
Roofing contractors In Your City
Roofing Services In Your City
Best Roofer in Your City

Below is a list of 50 of the most frequent roofing related search terms sorted in order of monthly search volume in the U.S. (Updated 7/28/17):

Keyword # of Searches
roof 301000
roofing 301000
roofs 301000
metal roofing 165000
roof shingles 135000
roofing shingles 135000
roof contractors 49500
roofing contractors 49500
roofing felt 49500
roof materials 40500
roof repair 40500
roof repairs 40500
roofing material 40500
roofing materials 40500
roofing repair 40500
roofing repairs 40500
roofing companies 33100
roofing company 33100
shingle roof 27100
roofer 22200
roofers 22200
rubber roofing 22200
slate roof 18100
steel roofing 18100
types of roofing 18100
epdm roofing 14800
flat roofs 14800
abc roofing 12100
roofing calculator 9900
roofing systems 9900
copper roofing 8100
flat roof repair 8100
roofing tar 8100
commercial roofing 6600
epdm rubber roofing 6600
metal roof installation 6600
metal roofing installation 6600
roof leak 6600
roofing jobs 6600
corrugated roofing panels 5400
how to shingle a roof 5400
roofing estimates 5400
roof installation 4400
roof replacement 4400
roofing costs 4400
roofing installation 4400
roofing service 4400
roofing services 4400
torch down roofing 4400
commercial roofing contractors 3600

Roofer Boost can help your roofing company achieve the best possible placement in Google search for many of the roofing related keywords in your city or area.

To prevent conflicts of interest, we can only work with ONE roofer in each city, so make sure you call us before your competitor does!

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