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RooferBoost specializes in Web Design just for Roofing Companies.

You know you need a website for your roofing company, but what’s the best option? How complicated or simple a site do you need? When it comes to roofing website design, we’ve got you covered with sites for all budgets

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What about the Free Website Options Advertised on the TV and Radio?

You might have heard or seen the ads claiming you can have a professional looking website done all by yourself in mere hours with solutions from the likes of Wix and Weebly. Not only that, they tell you it’s free! There are a few problems with this plan:

Not Great for SEO

Sites on these platforms are known to be difficult to “SEO”, or optimize for search. This can be very frustrating when you find that your competition is earning a better position in local search engine results. While these platforms have improved in this regard over the last couple of years, they’re just not quite there yet. As experts in search, we do research on the web all day long and it’s very rare that we find a Wix or Weebly site ranking well.

Not as Easy as They Claim

While these platforms are definitely much simpler than coding your own website, there’s still a learning curve and customizing the site to look the way you want it to can be a real challenge. If you’re happy with the provided templates, you’ll probably be okay, but after diving in most people find held back by the limitations.

Free Isn’t Really Free

These sites are “free”, but only if you’re happy to advertise the provider on your website. Other limitations might include not being able to use your own domain name, not being able to use SSL certificates for better privacy, and limitations on how much storage you can utilize.

When you look at these all together, attempting to keep costs down by doing things yourself can end up costing you thousands instead.


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